Monday, April 15, 2013

April 2013 Ministry Update @Church4Chicks #YCantWeGetAlong

As I sit here in my pollen covered home after a night of spring storms, I wonder "How is it possible that this is already mid-April...2013???" Since my last ministry update, the dial has turned on my odometer. I'm a year older and living in my final year as a 30-Something. (Didn't I just celebrate my 30th Birthday?)

Reflecting on this first quarter of 2013, I wanted to share with you some of the highlights that your prayers and support have made possible:

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  • "Why Can't We Just Get Along?" released on March 1, and I am overwhelmed by the reviews the book is receiving and by the emails I've personally received from readers whose lives have been changed as a result of the information within the book and by their own willingness to apply the principles in their lives and relationships. The e-book version is to be released any day now, and my hope is that this resource will help even more people find and cultivate Christ-honoring peace in their lives and relationships. 
  • If you have read the book already, it would be a gift to me and to this message if you would rate the book and even write up a quick "review" of it for other readers online:
    • For Amazon click here
    • For Goodreads click here
    • For The Harvest House Publishers review site click here
    • And, if you are a Blogger and would like to read and review the book for your blog readers (with a free book or two to give away), please email me at with your blog website and your mailing address. Thank you!
    • Please share the book info and links on your social network sites. Together, we can reach more people with the Good News of Jesus Christ and how HE is the answer to all our of relationships!
  • Church 4 Chicks hosted our first conference in Atlanta on March 16. Amid some major challenges and financial setbacks, the conference went beautifully thanks to an incredible team and an even more incredible God. We were blessed by Kim Hill's ministry and music, The Greenhouse (College) Band from Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, GA, and by the wisdom and grace from our panelists who handled some really, really tough questions posed by our guests. It was an honor and a privilege to share principles from Romans 12 with the women and girls in attendance. It truly was an unforgettable day!
  • If you or your church would be interested in hosting a "Friend Me" event or conference in your community, please let us know at Church 4 Chicks! We would love to partner with you in some way to help you create a similar event for the women in your area.
  • I've also been privileged to continue as a host for "Atlanta Live" on WATC 57. My next dates hosting
    With JoAnna Ward and Donna Ritchie
    "Friends and Neighbors"
    are April 17 and April 30 (when Stephen will join me as co-host!). I've also been able to enjoy the fun and blessing to be a guest host for "Friends and Neighbors" for some of the Spring episodes. If you'd like to watch my interview on Babbie's House, discussing the content of the new book, please click here to watch that (and enjoy some of Babbie's music as well!)
  • I've had the chance to speak at events in other states as well as here in my own hometown and I never take these open doors for granted. God has been so good to this chick who felt invisible and "less than" for most of her life. Only HE could make something out of nothing and this is certainly how He has worked with me. 

  • In the coming weeks ahead, I'll be touring with the "Think Like a Boss Tour" featuring host, Robyn Gaskins Smith. We are headed to San Antonio, DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta and more! I would definitely appreciate your prayers as we head to these cities to speak with women in business and leadership. It is a special honor to be a part of this group. You can check out more info at (still under some construction, but bookmark it, especially if we're headed to your city!)

  • Please make sure to visit and subscribe to the Church 4 Chicks blog as well. We now have a team of writers helping us lead women to live with purpose, but without the pressure! You'll find that by clicking here.

I can't thank you enough for your prayers and your financial contributions that help provide and protect me as I seek to faithfully follow the leadership of the Spirit. If you would like to sow a seed by making a financial investment into a ministry that is getting results of changed lives and healthier families and relationships, there has never been a better time to make such an investment. You can send a tax-deductible donation to "Church 4 Chicks, inc. PO Box 1447, Woodstock, GA 30188." Your dollars and cents go to helping further the Gospel message of new life and new identity found only in the Person of Jesus Christ. We believe He is the answer to every need and every problem we face. We believe He is the One who heals lives, marriages, relationships, churches, communities, and so on. With your help, we can reach more people with this message. What a joy to partner with other Believers in reaching our generation with the message of Grace and Truth!

In Him and For Him,
Shelley Hendrix

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