Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chick Chat with Babbie Mason

"Chick Chat" with Babbie Mason

It is always such a treat to be anywhere that Babbie Mason happens to be. Getting to be on her show is an extraordinary privilege. This is my third opportunity to be on her program, and it was by far my favorite experience on this program.

On today's edition of "Babbie's House" we had an opportunity to discuss my newest book, "Why Can't We Just Get Along?" which releases everywhere on March 1. Hearing from women whose lives have already been impacted by this message only confirms that God has something special planned for readers who choose to walk humbly through this journey of "being at peace with everyone."  In fact, every time I would allow my mind to question the importance of this message, God would confirm how much it is needed through a real life situation I would experience myself or would hear about from another woman about her struggle with:
  • co-worker drama
  • overly authoritative employers
  • family strife
  • church politics
  • neighbors fighting

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Why CAN'T We all Just Get Along??

I've wondered this myself in my own life and relationships at times; I've wondered as I've observed unnecessary drama unfold between other women; I've even seen it transpire in the wonderful world of social media. I finally had enough of trying to figure it out on my own and went to God with this question, "God, if we were made from and for relationship, Why Can't We Just Get Along???" 

I'm so thankful for His faithfulness to meet me right where I was; to love me enough to show me where I was a victim of my own wrong thinking; and to reveal to me some not-so-secret secrets found in His Word--breathed from His very own heart to ours. 

I'd love for you to consider getting a copy of this book. Guys, you may think this is just a book by a chick for chicks--but some of the books that have helped ME the most, as a woman, are the books written by guys to guys. This book will help you, for sure, in your own relationships, but will also help you gain insight into why the women in your life might be struggling to get along better with one another. 

You can find more info on the book, including a free sneak peek into some of the chapters, at www.HarvestHousePublishers.com (Click Here)

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