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January 2013 Ministry Update

Dear Friends,

What a journey these past 9 years have been since God clearly called me to the ministry and confirmed that call through His Word, His Spirit and His People. Nine years. It hardly seems possible that so much time has already passed. In nine years, I've been fortunate to be a part of many events, mission trips, media appearances, etc. Partnering with others, never going it alone. I am so thankful for the body of Christ: people who have made the journey sweeter by simply joining in and doing their part as God leads.

I wanted to take just a few minutes of your time, with your blessing, to share a little bit about where I am today, these 9 years later, to keep you in the loop and let you know how you can pray and how you can be a part of this ministry that exists for no other reason than because Jesus is Lord and because He lives. 

As you are probably aware, God began opening doors for me to speak in early 2005 after a very difficult and painful 2004 when I miscarried two precious babies in my 2nd trimester in two separate pregnancies. 2004 was the same year God put the call to be a communicator of grace and truth in my heart. Since then, this ministry has continued to be a 'faith-based' ministry, AKA trusting God to provide and open doors. He has done this and so much more! Although each month has been a struggle financially for our family, God has made sure that our needs have been met. He is faithful to teach us much in every season. I've learned to surrender afresh and anew to my Heavenly Father often--daily, and many times throughout any given day. I am sure you can relate! This is life: learning to trust God more and more and being obedient to whatever it is He lays on our hearts to do. 

In 2007, God put the idea in my mind--seemingly out of nowhere--to begin a cross-denominational, cross-generational ministry, which later became known as "Church 4 Chicks." This ministry has grown in so many ways and we are looking forward to our best year yet: best in that it looks like we will be able to reach more women than ever before with the message of grace and new identity found only in Jesus. You can find more info on C4C at . 

Many of you know I've authored and self-published two books, "On Purpose For a Purpose" as well as a devotional guide, "Wisdom: A Girl's Best Friend." In less than 2 months, my third book, published by Harvest House Publishers hits the shelves. It is a surreal time anticipating the 'birth' of this new project, "Why Can't We Just Get Along?"  (Visit to see info and even a sneak peek into the book.) 

With the changes that come from a national publishing relationship and what we've sensed on the C4C side of things, we have realized as a team that it is time for Church 4 Chicks and Shelley Hendrix Ministries to become two different entities. I'm not leaving C4C, but my role within the context of the day-to-day ministry responsibilities has changed and we have a director who will oversee the ministry --in a much more effective way than I was ever able to do! I'm pleased beyond description to have Deborah Lenderman, a godly business woman with a heart for ministry, take the helm! 

Launching the new ministry, "Shelley Hendrix Ministries," is timely and also a little scary. Many of you know the ministry was originally called, "Mary's Vineyard Ministries," because I have never been comfortable putting my name out there like this. I've learned over the years, though, that to minimize confusion and help people find you, it makes sense if the ministry also carries your name. ;-) 

I'd love to have your prayers for me as I move forward in writing and teaching in this generation. When I was about 16 years old, I read about Noah and how he was different than the others in his day; he was faithful to God and because of that, God was able to use him in a powerful way. I don't presume to think God will use me in the way he used Noah, but I did decide back then that I wanted to be found faithful in my generation--regardless of what others chose to do or not do. It hasn't always been easy, but the right thing is oftentimes the hard thing. Thankfully, for those of us on this side of the Cross, we have the Spirit of God within us to lead us and also to live through us. What a Savior!!

On March 16, 2013, C4C will host a one-day conference featuring Yours Truly and others. We are still ironing out the details, but we are all really excited about this day and helping women find greater peace through Christ, even in difficult relationships. On November 9, we will host the 6th Annual Awaken One Day Conference in Cherokee County. We will also be in other cities, bringing the message of Grace in every day life to women of all ages. 

As I approach my 39th Birthday this year, I realize that if I'm going to make a difference, I have only a small window of opportunity to do so. I don't plan to go anywhere anytime soon, but let's face it: life is short! More than ever, it is my desire and hope to finish my race well and to be found faithful with what my Father has entrusted to me.

Thank you for being a part of this journey, and for helping to make any of this possible. Thank you for taking the time to read this update. I wanted to keep it as brief, and yet as informative, as possible, so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to let me know. 

As always, your prayers, words of encouragement, and financial gifts are EXTREMELY valuable. Your prayers, encouraging words and financial support help to fuel this much-needed work. We hear from women DAILY who tell us how much this ministry has meant to them, how it has helped them in their relationships, and how it has deepened (and in many cases jumpstarted) their relationship with God through Christ. It is a valuable message and one worth getting to as many people as possible as effectively as possible. Women in Christian circles are often told what they should be doing, but never get a clear picture of who they are. This is my passion: to help women live with purpose (an understanding of their value and worth to Christ and to their generation) without the pressure (of performing for acceptance, but instead, living out of who GOD says they are.) 

If this resonates with you, and if you would like to partner with this ministry through a tax-deductible contribution, please make your check payable to Church 4 Chicks, inc. PO Box 1447, Woodstock, GA 30188 If you would like to know your gifts are going to help "Shelley Hendrix Ministries," simply make a note of that with your donation. I know times are tough, and I promise you, whatever you donate will be a worthwhile investment. 

If you desire to become a prayer partner, how I welcome that, too! Simply reply to this email so I can make sure to add you to the distribution list for monthly prayer requests and updates.

And, finally, if you know of a church or other organization that you believe could be a good fit, either for a C4C event or where I could share through speaking, I would be honored if you'd make that connection. Feel free to send them to the Church 4 Chicks site, or pass along the attached bio. 

He is worthy, friends!! Let's make His name great in our generation!

Because He First Loved me,

Shelley Hendrix
"Helping women live with purpose...without the pressure!"
Author of "Why Can't We Just Get Along?!" to be released 3-1-13
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