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Bo's Cafe

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You MUST read this book! I'll tell you why, but I'll have to take you the scenic route to get there...

There's a somewhat-goofy-but-totally-awesome-at-the-same-time guy that Stephen and I have been fortunate enough to become acquainted with over the last couple of years. We stumbled upon his ministry and message really by accident. It started when someone handed my husband a copy of a book called "Truefaced." Stephen began reading it, and the next thing I remember, he brought home a DVD one night after one of his group meetings and said it couldn't wait--we needed to watch it together right away.

I will never, ever, ever forget that evening...probably 6-7 years ago. As I watched the video, and listened to John Lynch speak, I was feeling every emotion imagineable. To name just a few, I was thrilled that someone had come along to speak such a message to my heart--one that told MY story so much better than I knew how to tell it myself. I felt anger, that I had missed this truth for so long! I felt fearful, that it could be too good to be true (and afraid that God might be upset with me if I believed it). I felt sad for all the people in the Church and around the world who might never hear it or get it. But most of all, I felt free and hopeful, that because of the truth of the Truefaced Message, life could be different from that point on. That I could be different.

The message is as old as the New Testament, but it's been missing from the life of the Christian for far too long. Here is a brief snippet to whet your appetite for the whole enchilada...

(There are more clips out there in the world of Facebook, Tangle, etc., so feel free to find them. Then, order a copy for yourself. We even keep some on hand for times when we know someone needs this message, so if you want to reimburse us for a copy, let me know and we'll get it to you.)

Well, as I said, Stephen and I have begun to get to know the guy in the video via Facebook and emails over the past year to two years. As soon as I heard he and the other co-authors of Truefaced had written a novel, Bo's Cafe, I knew I would be one of the first to read it. I could hardly wait to get my hands on it! What the authors, John Lynch, Bill Thrall, and Bruce McNicol have been able to accomplish is such a gift to us, the readers. They have taken the message of grace, identity, authenticity, and told it in a story with such wonderful characters and incredible story-telling abilities that I felt completely drawn into the whole thing. I've been going through some really heart-breaking stuff this year, and I can't tell you what it has meant to me to be surrounded by some grace-filled, authentic, safe people. Such is the stuff of "Bo's Cafe."

It also revealed the ache in me to have even more of this kind of authenticity in my life. It revealed an even deeper level of knowing and being known than I've been able to experience outside of the relationship I have with my husband. Trusting others with who I really am --even on my worst day-- is no small feat! And, it raises the question: is it even worth it to do so? Do the rewards outweigh the risks involved?

Here is a brief snippet from the website about the book:

Every now and then we stumble upon a place that feels different. You might find it on a trip out of town or sometimes it might be a place you discover right in your own neighborhood. The place kind of sneaks up on you. Maybe it’s the music, or the upstairs deck, or the smell of good food. Something about it feels…safe, real, fun, alive…authentic, unrehearsed, true. You stumble into conversations and in very little time feel like you’re becoming known. Or you can sit off in the corner with a nice drink and just be there, talking to no one until you’re ready. The place is almost always comfortably full, but rarely crowded. And there’s laughter. Not that obnoxious drunken laughter of lonely bravado, but the laughter of friends enjoying each other. You eventually get a sense that no matter what you tell these friends, they are going to care for you more, not less.

I am so excited that this book has been written and made available to us. I think it offers some pretty cool things to consider and think about and chew on.

...and speaking of chewing: Don't read this when you're hungry. The authors talk about food constantly, so you might find yourself in trouble if you read it without something close by to munch on. ;)

You can find Bo's Cafe pretty much anywhere books are sold. I hope you'll get your own copy, read it, read it again, and pass it along to others. And then I hope you'll find that place within your own life--your very own "Bo's Cafe" where real life is lived among real people. It's messy, but there's nothing like it!

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